Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travelin' Man

Hello internet world! I've been out exploring. In fact, I'm in Austin Texas right now rehearsing to do a musical comedy later on in the month and into April. Not to say that I haven't been coming up with good ideas, it's just that I've been a little busy and where I'm staying is not too conducive for writing or idea generating. But, here in Austin is SXSW, a large media, music, new technology and film festival and it's given me a lot of ideas. Well, not a lot of ideas, but some. This idea is more of a throwaway idea but I thought I'd put it down in cyberspace. I was watching American Idol (not something I watch) with my temporary roommate Robert and I noticed that many of the singers were playing guitars. They all had simple straps to hold their guitar to their body and for some strange reason I thought how cool it'd be if the strap was a recycled automobile seat belt, complete with the shiny silver buckle. You could buckle the strap tight when you wear the guitar and get a firmer hold onto your body. It's also a way to reclaim salvaged material and would add a bit of flair to any performer. Okay, yeah, not the best idea but something worth thinking about. While you think about that, here's a picture of Austin.

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